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Aug 30

Parksborn coffee shop AU requested by Anonymous →


Idea: Harry works as a barista and Peter goes to the same Coffee shop everyday.
Notes: Peter and Harry are not childhood friends in this as this is an AU.
- ————————————————

Harry Osborn.

That name filled up every news channel, every gossip and businesses magazine up to the point Peter had…

Aug 29

awesome-o-clock said: Parksborn prompt where after spidey tells harry no to the blood thing, pete comes back to check on him later on and harrys asleep so peter carries him to his couch/bed thing while he's still asleep iDK thank you for all your wonderful fics btw!


{your wish is my command~~~}

It was stupid to feel guilty. Peter knew exactly why he had said no to Harry. It was too dangerous. There was too much at stake, and he couldn’t bear the thought of being the reason that Harry died… or worse. It was his blood that could cure Harry, but it was also his blood that could murder him. He needed time to think. He needed time to plan. There wasn’t nearly enough time.

Still, it didn’t stop the guilt. Reasoning with himself never did. It was like Gwen’s father all over again; the remembrance of promises he hadn’t kept like the electricity of Electro’s strikes through his skin. He had promised, a very long time ago, that he would always protect Harry. Perhaps not giving him his blood really was protecting him, but it didn’t feel like that. The way Harry had yelled at him… It was all too much. There was nothing to be done about it.

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Aug 29

Parksborn AU

Aug 29


Parksborn Childhood : Hair Dryer

I got a msg from harafu that last time I drew parksborn childhood story make her heart broken, so sorry v w v;;

…I hope this will make it up to you at least! 

I also want to write something as fluff as possible with these two ; //// ;

Aug 29

Fic Idea- Superfamily deals with Peter being Spider-Man (and his love triangle)


[Because The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had me asking hard questions…Parksborn or Spideypool?]

Peter knows he was never destined to be normal: what with one dad being a billionaire genius and the other…well, the other being Captain America (because that’s enough explanation for some people). The radioactive spiderbite didn’t help, that was a very awkward conversation…

"Dad…Dad…I have superpowers"

"Where did I go wrong? I thought you were just going to rely on your genius!"

"Tony, you are not helping! Peter, your dad and I will support you no matter how you save the world."

Of course, things only get worse when Harry comes back to town and rekindles their friendship…and hints at something more… not to mention the new mercenary in town who won’t leave Peter alone.

So, suddenly Peter has two suitors and neither of them could be considered normal. And his dads are absolutely no help.

"I refuse to see my son date the head of Oscorp! And the whole "I need Spider-Man’s blood" thing is way too kinky for you to be dealing with right now"

"Tony! Harry is Peter’s friend! And are you seriously suggesting our son get involved with a mercenary who may not even be mentally stable?"

So how can Peter decide, when one dad ships Parksborn, and the other ships Spideypool?

Aug 29

Fic Idea- Peter gets help from Superhusbands for Harry


[Yes, lot’s of Marvel from me lately. Oh well! Spoilers for TASM2 below]

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Aug 29
  • me: omg i have so many ships i'm dying
  • me: *watches TASM 2*
  • me: fuck you parksborn, fuck you
Aug 29


For those of you talking about a Parksborn coffeeshop AU, I am very very sorry-


-but Marvel beat you to it.

Aug 29

Anonymous said: DO YOU TAKE PARKSBORN FANFIC REQUESTS???? My heart will explode in happiness if you do. If you do please write one here Spider-Man keeps saying Harry and Harry is getting annoyed and flirting occurs and upside down kisses omg My shipper heart X


{so i assume you meant “saving” Harry instead of “saying” Harry, but if you didn’t please correct me because this entire fic is about Spider-Man saving Harry lol

so i totes read a fic like this not too long ago so apologies if i subconsciously mirror it because it was perf and everything. but i’ll try to do my own take on it because yeah amazing prompt is amazing}

Warnings: i curse like a sailor and thus Harry does too.

Save Me, Save Me, Goddamn Don’t Drop Me by Desdemonasighs

"Oh my god, is that Spider-Man?" the general public says the first time Spider-Man ever saves Harry Osborn’s life.

"Oh my god, is that Spider-Man?" the general public says the second time Spider-Man ever saves Harry Osborn’s life.

"Oh my god, it’s Spider-Man again, saving Harry Osborn’s life!" the general public says every time thereafter Spider-Man saves Harry Osborn’s life.

"Fuck, not this cunt again," Harry Obsorn says every time Spider-Man saves Harry Osborn’s life.


{the rest of prompt under read more}

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Aug 29


Harry not even being mad when he finds out about Peter’s secret…his first reaction being “Really Pete? You sell selfies to a newspaper who’s editor HATES Spiderman for a living? No wait, it makes total sense, no one would think you were Spiderman that way because no one would believe someone would be that DUMB!”

Aug 29


I totally ship them!

(Andrews face btw)

Aug 29





"I’m Harry."

"Oh, right, yeah, I know who you are. I’m Gwen."

"Oh, so Peter’s told you about me?"

"Huh? Oh! No… I mean, yes! But I know you because this is your company. Obviously."

"Oh, right. I just thought Peter would mention his new boyfriend to you."

"Excuse me?"

"I said, I thought with all the time you and Peter have been spending together being friends, Peter would mention that I’m his new boyfriend.”



{elevator dings on Harry’s floor}


Aug 29


maybe if harry had never left for boarding school, and if his dad had told him about the disease sooner, peter would have found a way to save him. they would have spent every night, every weekend, experimenting and trying to find anything that could help. it only would have made them closer, made their bond as best of friends even stronger.

maybe they would have even found a cure eventually, what with peter’s brains and harry’s resources. harry would’ve been so happy because this is it, he’s going to live! his dad’s gonna be so proud. and peter would’ve been so relieved because he wouldn’t have to watch his friend die.

and maybe when peter becomes spiderman, harry will be there to help him. maybe it’s monitoring the police radio, or convincing his old man to fund special spiderman-related projects, or maybe it’s just being there to patch peter up after fights, doesn’t really matter. what’s important is harry knows, and he’s going to do everything he can to make sure his bestfriend is safe and unharmed and okay.

Aug 29
Aug 29


Everyone’s not what they appear to be, Peter